About Us

Marjorie Bash Foundation (MBF) was founded as Hope Advocacy Nigeria in 2007 and incorporated in 2012 with Corporate Affairs Commission as a non-profit organization in Nigeria. The core mandates of MBF are to improve education, healthcare, and to promote community development, especially in rural Nigeria. Our organization is named in honor of Marjorie M. Bash (1928-2007) of Clinton Township, Michigan (USA), who supported the education of young Nigerians at Obong Christian High School and Obong University. Cancer control is a major focus of Marjorie Bash Foundation, with emphasis on early detection, treatment and training of healthcare providers. The activities of MBF are overseen by a board of trustees which comprises young Nigerians from different backgrounds, including education, medicine, engineering and sciences. Our organization is led by Dr. Kelechi Eguzo (President/Chief Executive Officer). We are part of the consortium that is working towards the establishment of Marjorie Bash Cancer Center in Aba - Nigeria, as a social enterprise involving the public and private sector.

Guiding Principles & Mission

We believe education is the most effective long-term solution to poverty. Our organization works to improve the lives of children by helping them learn critical skills required to be successful adults. Thus, we seek to empower teachers and their students to be more impactful. We also believe that effective healthcare delivery requires collaborative effort by patients, healthcare professionals, health policymakers and the larger community. To achieve this we are involved in the following activities: 1. Provide training to health professionals on the management of common health conditions, including cancers. 2. Lead health policy initiatives at the local level. 3. Engage with patients in providing health care services. 4. Collaborate with other non-profits and private organizations for healthcare.

Our organization strives to promote community development, as this is the very fabric of every society. We seek to strengthen a community spirit by supporting arts, culture, sports, and other initiatives that promote a community spirit. To achieve this, we partner with other non-profit organizations.

Where We Work

Marjorie Bash Foundation partners with local organizations (such as schools, churches, non-profits and governmental organizations, etc.) to provide programs in education, health and community development in different parts of Nigeria. Our projects areas include: 1. Abia State 2. Akwa Ibom State 3. Enugu State 4. Rivers State 5. Plateau State 6. Anambra State.


The results are in! Congratulations to Mr. Ahaoma and Mr. Jerry as the February 2022 winners of the Abia Teacher of the Month contest. Nominate your favourite teacher now: https://www.mbashcollege.org/

You are invited to a free medical outreach at the Eziukwu Community Hall, Amaukwu Road off Uratta Road (Aba South) on March 8, 2022. Special appreciation to Ukegbu Family for the sponsorship! Mrs. Florence Mbogu, Mrs. Nancy Onwueyi, Marjorie Bash College of Health Sciences & Technology, Pst Prince Light, Kanu M Agunwa, Dr. Kelechi Eguzo...

Our foundation is working with a a consortium of private and public stakeholders to establish a cancer center in Aba, Nigeria. When completed, this social enterprise will be the only cancer center in the Niger Delta region. Our aim is to make this a center for providing essential cancer services, including advocacy, screening, radiotherapy as...